Polls are currently only available on updates. The only operation we currently support is voting on a poll. A valid vote request has two fields in the POST body { "id" : 961, "select" : true }. The "id" is the poll option the signed in user would like to vote in, and "select" indicates whether to vote or un-vote on that choice. If the logged in user is trying to re-do an action already taken on a poll option, the Schoology app will return a 400 (i.e. a user is trying to vote on a poll option he or she has already voted on). To see possible polls in the api to vote on, make an updates call with the query parameter with_attachments=TRUE.



Vote on a poll option

Path POST https://api.schoology.com/v1/poll/{id}/vote

An object indicating what sort of action the user would like to take on the poll

    "id": "961",
    "select": "true"
Return An entire update object with attachments included
    "id": 5825455,
    "body": "Best Gaming",
    "uid": 45552,
    "created": 1389719819,
    "likes": 0,
    "user_like_action": false,
    "realm": "school",
    "school_id": 344232,
    "num_comments": 0,
    "poll": {
        "options": [
                "id": 1509,
                "title": "Xbox One",
                "count": 0,
                "selected": false
                "id": 1511,
                "title": "PS4",
                "count": 1,
                "selected": true
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <body>Best Gaming</body>
            <title>Xbox One</title>